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Bayer and FDA – No Family Should Suffer This Pain

— October 29, 2015

This video tells Ariel Grace’s story. This little angel was born at the 27-week point in the pregnancy. Essure caused a placental abruption – a condition in which the placenta separates from the uterine wall. She was born weighing only 1 pound 5.3 ounces and was with her family just 5 days before passing away. I will not stop telling these stories until this horrid, life-destroying product is off the market.

This short video is worth your time, please watch it. It tells the story of Ariel Grace, an E-baby. Bayer and the FDA know that Essure, the “permanent” birth control device isn’t effective. It fails 9.6% of the time and those families find themselves expecting a new member. The sad truth is that many E-babies, like Ariel Grace, don’t make it. Hey, Bayer and FDA – no family should suffer this pain!

Warning: this one is tough to watch. Even after I turned the sound off, I don’t mind admitting I was still in tears.

Ariel Grace was born only 27 weeks into the pregnancy at 1 pound, 5.3 ounces. She got to spend five days with her family before she passed away. In her case, Essure caused a placental abruption – the detachment of the placenta from the womb.

This is only one instance of the horrible pain and loss this product has brought into innocent lives. Bayer, it’s time to stop putting profits before patients! Sure, your bottom line will suffer when Essure is pulled off the market. But I guarantee you, it wont hurt as much as Ariel Grace’s family did.

And FDA, what happened to you mandate to keep the public safe? You held a hearing in September to examine Essure’s safety and efficacy, yet you didn’t allow one single woman who’d been harmed by Essure to speak. You’ve lost your way, FDA! Wake up!

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If you or someone you know has problems with Essure, there is also a Facebook group, Essure Problems, which offers moral support and good information for Essure victims.

Activist Erin Brockovich has created a website, Essure Procedure, in an effort to create change regarding this horrible device.

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