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Despite Contrary Evidence Doctors Still Promote Essure

— November 11, 2015

Despite evidence to the contrary (24,000+ women’s stories), doctors are still promoting Bayer’s Essure “permanent” birth control device. This video is not, as one would expect, from the early days of Essure. It was published last year. In it, the doctor states that Essure is 100% effective as a contraceptive. Not even Bayer says that!

Today’s video surprised me. I’m always looking for medical experts’ opinions on Essure, so I watched it. I was stunned. Surely, this must have been a video from Essure’s early years, I thought. Nope. This video was published on May 15, 2014. Last year! In it, the doctor describes the Essure product and procedure and states, with the air of authority, that Essure is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. No mention of side effects or adverse events at all. Despite contrary evidence doctors still promote Essure.

I won’t offer too much commentary on this video, other than saying that those of you who have been affected by Essure, those who love someone with Essure and those who value justice already know that this video is nothing short of propaganda.


However, for those of you reading who haven’t heard the 24,000+ stories of Essure gone wrong, I point you to the Essure Problems Facebook group, as well as any blog I’ve written on the topic. Essure’s failure rate as a contraceptive is 9.6% according to independent studies. Bayer’s studies say it’s less than 1% and this doctor says that no babies have ever been born to women implanted with Essure.

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