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Texas Mother Leaves Two Kids in Hot Car Causing Their Deaths

— June 15, 2017

Earlier this month, I wrote a piece on some proposed legislation that would help reduce, even eliminate, infant and child deaths caused by being left in hot cars. In that piece, I examined some of the reasons this happens and said that, as hard as it is to believe, even the most well-intentioned of parents might be subject to forgetting their own kids. Then, along comes Amanda Hawkins, a Texas mother who left her two kids in a hot car causing their deaths. She didn’t forget, oh no; Hawkins knew the kids were there and just didn’t care.

Frankly, there’s a special place for idiots like Hawkins and I hope she spends a very long time there. Orange is the new black, so the story goes, and I look forward to seeing Hawkins don her new wardrobe. It’s bad enough that some parents just park their kids in front of the television, computer or video game console as a means of keeping the kids out of their hair, but Hawkins took it one deadly step further.

Mother-of-the-year failure, Hawkins, age 19, left Brynn Hawkins, age one, and Addyson Overgard-Eddy, age two, in a car for roughly 15 hours on a 90-degree day in Texas. She’d gone to see friends in Kerrville, 65 miles northwest of San Antonio. A 16-year-old male friend is reported to have gone with her. Apparently, her two children were cramping her style and interfering with her visit.

Amanda Hawkins, 19; image courtesy of the Bexar County Sheriff's Office.
Amanda Hawkins, 19; image courtesy of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.

According to Rusty Hierholzer, the Kerr County Sheriff, the unidentified male minor actually spent “a little while” in the car with Hawkins’ children, even sleeping next to them. However, despite someone in the house allegedly hearing the kids crying, and telling her she to bring them inside, neither Hawkins, nor the minor let them out of the car. The sheriff advised Fox 29 that the male minor will “probably have to face some charges. He does have some culpability in this.” There was no word regarding whether any of the others present would also face charges.

After the kids had sweltered for 15 hours, Hawkins finally decided that she should check on them. This was the next day. Not-so-surprisingly, the idiot found her children unconscious. Instead of immediately seeking medical attention, Hawkins thought giving the kids a bath would do the trick. Obviously, she was not only wrong, she was a coward. Since she “didn’t want to get in trouble,” she avoided seeking medical attention for the kids until a friend said it might be a good idea. At that point, Hawkins took the toddlers to Peterson Regional Medical Center.

According to Sheriff Hierholzer, Hawkins then concocted what must have seemed to be the stupidest excuse in the history of excuses for the fact that both her children were in such bad shape. She told authorities that she had taken the kids to Flat Rock Lake, where both girls collapsed – one after the other – supposedly from smelling poisonous flowers. Unless you’re in Oz – the mythical land, not Australia – that excuse isn’t going to fly any better than a doctor on United.

The two children were transferred to University Hospital in San Antonio due to the severity of their condition. Doctors later took them off ventilators and they died around 5PM the following day, the sheriff told Fox 29.

There is a Mr. Hawkins in the picture, but he was not present during the trip to Kerrville.

Arrested on two counts of abandoning or endangering a child, Hawkins was being held late this Saturday at the Bexar County jail in San Antonio. She was awaiting transfer to Kerr County. Once the case is heard by a grand jury, the sheriff said there is a possibility that these charges will be upgraded to something even more serious.

Sheriff Hierholzer added that they were “Helpless little kids. And it was totally preventable.”


2 Toddlers Die in Texas After Being Left in Car for 15 Hours, Sheriff Says
Texas toddlers die ‘after left intentionally in car for 15 hours’

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